Review: La Nelson Candela Orquesta “Estrella”

The Nelson Candela Orchestra was formed in May 2006, and they have been playing together for nearly 6 years. All members are students from the National School of Music (UNAM) in Mexico. Coming from a variety of musical backgrounds, together they play traditional salsa rhythms but with a new and exciting twist.

The band’s unique approach to salsa can be largely attributed to the wide range of genres their members have experience playing.  The orchestra’s seasoned musical makeup can be heard on the featured single, “Estrella”, a song that totally blew me away on the first listen.  Starting with an acoustic bass intro and followed by keyboards that set the track’s tone, the song goes in to full swing with a trombone laden brass section that literally explodes through your speakers.

Just get ready to dance your tail’s off when your hear this single, it’s destined to become a club dance floor favorite.  Once you get a small taste of el tremendo swing that these cats have I am confident that you will agree.

If you would like to know how you can purchase the song “Estrella”, contact The Nelson Candela Orchestra on Facebook.