Review: The New Swing Sextet “Me Dicen (No Puedo Mas)”

The NewSwing Sextet is one of my favorite bands and not solely because of the great music they produce, but for how they represent the Salsa genre and culture we love. The co-leaders George Rodriguez and Angel Luis Justiniano are a class act and their music is loved and danced to all around the world. They have put together a slamin’ new album, Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow which features Don Sonero (Gilberto Velasquez) which happens to be one of the best young NewGenSalsa vocalists. The track I’m featuring in another dance floor banger “Me Dicen (No Puedo Mas)”. If you haven’t picked up this yet I strongly recommend you add this to your Salsa collection. Don’t forget to check out the video below “New Swing Sextet,The Story,La Historia Donde Esta La Musica” which was filmed at Stage 48 on May 15th,2013, by

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