Review: “The Untouchables” Conjunto imagen

Conjunto Imagen
The Untouchables / Los Intocables
CD (Muziq Records MQ014)

El Conjunto favorito del Pueblo “Conjunto Imagen” have thrived over the years by utilizing a simple formula that works and show no signs of slowing down after 27 years. The formula I’m referring to my friends, is giving the Salseros, Dancers, and DJs what they want,Salsa con mucho swing.

After listening to the entire CD several times I’m happy to report they are no fillers and include many club ready tracks such as the one I’m showcasing here “Soy Rumbero” which happens to be their second single from this awesome production ”The Untouchables”.

Ernie has also added a cast of guest musicians such as Frankie Vasquez, Efrain Junito Davila Piano, Ray Fuentes Piano, Chris Sanchez Trumpet, Wilfredo De La Rosa Bari sax, Nelson “Gazu” Jaime Trumpet, BA Star Rapper, and James Da Barba Vocals who all add another dimension to an already potent orchestra. It’s also important to mention the featured arrangers who are a big part of this production, Willie Ruiz, Pablo “Chino” Morales, Rene Leyva and Ralphy Morales just to name a few.

I highly recommend you add this CD to your Salsa Dura collection and a “Big Time Red Alert” to all my DJ brothers.

This CD can be purchased at all your favorite retail and download facilities.

Band Members:
Ernie Acevedo Congas, coros
Junior Rivera Tres
Louie “Campana” Hernandez Bongo, bell
Louie Arona Bass
Excer Rivera Piano
Luis Perez Trumpet, coros
Jose Mercado Trumpet
Miguel “El Surdo” Rodriguez Trumpet
Angel Talavera Baritone sax, flute
Eddie Rosado Coros
Johnny Ortiz Vocals, coros
Alex Rodriguez Vocals, coros
Franklin Corrales Vocals, coros

Track listing::
Soy Rumbero
Porque Tu No Bailas
La Salsa No Morira
Amor Pa’Que
Asi Es Mi Tierra
El Callejero
En La Ciudad
Ya No Puedo Verte
El Candado Y La Llave
Que Pana
Llego Mi Turno
Montuno Y Guaguanco