Review: Tromboranga Salsa Orquestra “Agua Que Va A Caer”

Here is yet another hot Salsa Dura Orquesta coming from straight from Barcelona, Spain.  Named the Tromboranga Salsa Orquestra, this band’s innovative trombone-inspired sound packs a punch and will definitely keep the dance floors jumping.  To all the Latin radio stations that do not have this band in their rotation, wake up and take a listen!

The featured track “Agua Que Va a Caer” can be found on the group’s self-titled album, Tromboranga.  These guys are highly recommended by me, and their project is a must have for any Salsa music enthusiast.  HOT HOT HOT!!!

Pick up the album Tromboranga, featuring the single “Agua Que Va a Caer”, here.




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