Review: Urbana Salsa Capital “Son Del Pentagrama”

Get ready to be blasted into summer by Colombian band “Urbana Salsa Capital”!  Formed in 2011 by Andres and Osman Ramirez in the capital of Bogotá, this band hits the deck running with their latest heavy swinging Salsa Dura number. Cantante’s John Gomez and Jimmy Cortez provide the driving force with heavy hitting keyboards and a horn section that has been beautifully arranged by Andres and Osman.  If you like your Salsa hard and heavy this is for you!!

DJs should be running to add this to their library.  Just drop it on the decks and watch the dance floor burn up!!!

Other tracks to look out for by “USC”: “Salsa y Locura”,(Cantante Ricky Martinez), “Bogota Tu Ciudad” ( cantante Camilo Torrez), “Venga Arrepentido” (John Gomez), “Rosa” ( cantante Jimmy Cortez), “Cenizas” ( cantante Jimmy Cortez), “Duele El Amor” (cantante John Gomez).

Band members:
Cantante: John Gomez, Jimmy Cortez
Piano: Juan Pablo Bello,
Under Daniel Aguilera
Trumpets: Edison, Fernando Sissa
Trombones: Mauricio Patino, Carlos Andres Velosa
Bongo: Alejandro
Timbales: Carlos Acosta
Conga: Javier Ortega

Contact: Andres Ramirez
Twitter: @urbanasolosalsa