Review: Villariny Salsa Project (VSP) “Color Esperanza”

With a commitment to continue the legacy of the great exponents of the genre of salsa, the Villariny Salsa Project, better known as VSP , presented their second musical album “In your hand” it features 10 songs including romantic themes (of love and hate), and lots of salsa. .

Oscarito Villariny and Victor Gabriel, (singers) represent the
NewGenSalsa artists of this genre. In four years the concept of VSP with two musical productions to their credit “En Tu Tiempo” (2011) and “De Tu Mano” (2014). This charismatic duo has conquered and achieved public acceptance, which is felt, and is fully felt during their live performances.

The track I’m featuring is the third single from their current CD “De Tu Mano” called “Color Esperanza” which is a song with great lyrics and a lot of swing which will be well received on the dance floor.. I strongly recommend you add it to your Salsa collection. This track is available at all your favorite Digital download sites.