Review: Willie Alvarez “El Trombonista Del Barrio” Y Su Orq. “Vigilandote”

Willie Alvarez “El Trombonista Del Barrio” has a vast resume of the who’s who of artists he has played for during his professional career. And now has decided to lead his own band with a cast of awesome musicians who are lead by my boy Hector Davila (Musical Director,Arrangements,Piano,).

The new track I’m featuring is called “Vigilandote” which feature two hot solos by Willie Alvarez on Trombone and Pete Nater on Trumpet and will prove to be a dance floor favorite.

DJ Walter B Nice for

Band Members:

Willie Alvarez – Líder, Trombón, Coro
José Davila – Trombón
Jerry Madera – Bajo
Nelson Diaz – Timbal
Anthony Carrillo – Bongo y Campana
Erik Piza – Ingeniero de Sonido, Conga, Maraca
Hector Davila – Productor Musical, Arreglista, Piano, Güiro, Coro
Chegüi Metralla – Sonero
Invitado Especial – Pete Nater – Solo de Trompeta