Review: Yeresko’s Latin Rhythm “Amistad”

Ilya Yeresko and Dislocados’ horn section are at it again, but this time out of their studio in Ukrania , Salsa with a twist of Latin Jazz. “Ilya Yeresko’s Latin Rhythm” is a group composed mainly of Dislocados’ horn section with Olesya Zdorovetska on Lead Vocals. The track we’re featuring “Amistad” is a “can’t miss” single from this new project. The soon to be released CD entitled Sigueme, has some really smooth Latin Jazz arrangements. Mitch Frohman had this to say about SiguemeIlya creates a very jazzy swinging salsa groove, with the feeling of the ‘salsa dura’ bands in the New York City latin scene of the 1970’s. The interesting thing is that Ilya adds a slightly more modern approach to his piano while respecting the tradition. This makes for a wonderful combination that both old and new school salsa fanatics will equally enjoy”.

The CD has not been released yet, but it will be a must have for DJ’s, Salseros and Latin Jazz aficionados when released in late May.

Frankie Gee for