Review: Yova Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto Sakao-Aká “Requisitos”

Le deseamo a Yova Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto Sakao-Aká una bienvenida a nuestra familia de Yova has built a reputation of being a very talented composer and has written for many artists and most recently the song “Boricua Hasta La Muerte” specifically for his friend the great Sonero Herman Olivera. And in case you didn’t know, this song reached the #1 spot on the NGS Playlist. Yova recently released his new CD “Letras, Canciones Y Sueños” which has 8 solid tracks which salseros and dancers will enjoy. The track I’m featuring happens to be one of my favorite’s “Requisitos” but I’m sure you’ll definitely find a favorite of your own like another favorite of mine “2780 Grand Concourse” a hot dance floor banger which was the first single released and currently burning up all the club dancefloors. I’m sure you will like all 8 tracks. I highly recommend this CD and to all my DJs make sure you jump on this. You can pick this CD at all your download outlets.

Song titles:

Soy Culpable
Batalla de Amor
2780 Grand Concourse
Si Te Piensas Ir
La Esquina Ardiente
Segun Pasa el Tiempo
Exceso de Amor


Nelson Jaime “Gazu”, Gilberto Colon Jr. “El Pulpo” (solo “2780 Grand Concourse”) Piano
Natanael Jaime Bajo
Jose “Juicy” Jusino Conga, bongo
Nelson Jaime “Gazu” Tres, trompetas, coro
Edwin “Caneca” Rosas Güiro, coro
Yova Rodriguez Cantante, coro
Herman Olivera Cantante (duo “La esquina ardiente”)

DJ Walter B Nice for…Ahi-Na-Ma!!!