Spotlight: “East WillyB” Web Series

Familia please check out and share Flaco Navajas’ new web series “East WillyB” An Original Web Series. The first 2 episodes are online now. Watch and comment and share and rinse and repeat. We can use all the support we can get.

Willie Jr. has high hopes of getting back with Maggie no matter what Ceci and the gang thinks. John keeps up his quest for gentrifying Bushwick right under Maria’s nose and Albert pushes Willie buttons.

Characters in this Episode: Willie Jr. , Ceci, Manny, Ceasar, Edgar, Tommy, Giselle, Maggie, John, Maria, Jeanette, Albert

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Created by Julia Ahumada Grob & Yamin Segal
Executive Producers: Julia Ahumada Grob & Yamin Segal
Producers: Michael Shawn Cordero

Backed by hundreds on Kickstarter. Trusted by Bushwick. Loved by Hollywood.