This Sextet is from Italy and is called IRE’ OYALE’ SEXTET and their first single released is called “AEE AEE” and happen’s to be a strong dance banger. I’m looking forward to hearing more from this band. A definite bigtime DJ alert.

“El Gato” José Luis Morán “Pa La Rumba Y Pal Rumbero” is a Hot track which caters to the Bailadores and should be on all the DJ’s heavy rotation for sure.

This is Marlon Steven’s third Single “A Toda Maquina” all of which have been directed and arranged by Maximo Rodriguez. Marlon has written all his songs and has a unique style which many like and enjoy.

This is another Hot dance track called “Sube Nene” by the Nosotros Mismos Orchestra. Once you listen to this track you will realize the dance floor potential and why the dancers will dance their butts to this song.