Blast From The Past: Orquesta Dee Jay “Buena Suerte”

In 1968 George De Jesus formed what was then one of the most exciting Latin bands in the Salsa industry, Orchestra Dee Jay.  Comprised of some of the youngest musicians in the Latin Music industry, the group regularly performed in several of the top NYC nightclubs and dance spots ran by the likes of Ralph Mercado and Hector Maisonet.  Venues like The Cheetah, The Psycho Room, The Corso, The Casa Blanca and The Village Gate, which only featured headliners and salsa legends of that era, where all places that Orchestra Dee Jay frequented.

The track “Buena Suerte”, is one of several hot dance floor favorites that the group produced during the height of their popularity in the 1970’s.  The song can be found on the band’s sophomore album, entitled Forget It.  Initially released on Lewgas Records, the project was out of print for several years and the original vinyl LP soon became a collector’s item with a price tag of $250.  Realizing the band’s popularity among record collectors and DJs, original trombonist Jerry Hernandez teamed up with Andres Padua of Latin Soul Records and to produce a re-release of Forget It in the year 2007.

As a result of the success of the re-issued Forget It LP, Jerry Hernandez reformed Orquesta Dee Jay in May of 2008 and became the orchestra’s new bandleader and director.  Inspired by the group’s resurgence in popularity, Jerry went out and bought a new trombone and started to practice again for the first time in nearly 15 years.  Even 40 years after their debut, the music of Orchestra Dee Jay continues to leave an indelible mark on the Salsa industry.  Thanks to the efforts of Jerry Hernandez the can now share their musical legacy with a new generation of Salsero’s, ensuring that their songs will be played for years to come.

If you would like to purchase the song “Buena Suerte”, or the album Forget it, click here.