Review: Miquel Mambo “El Diesel”

For all you Latin Jazz lovers I present to you this smokin’ new single, entitled “El Diesel”.  “El Diesel” is one of 7 Latin-jazz-a-fied tracks performed by the talented Miquel Mambo on his new disc, The Soul of Mambo: Passiones Del Ama.

Miquel has put together a group of young talented musicians such as Steve Lambert who composed/arranged track number 6 and is featured as a sax soloist, and Paul Shinn on Keyboards who composed/arranged tracks 1-5.

I highly recommend this CD to all my Latin Jazz lovers.  Make sure you to pick it up and add it to your latin jazz collection.

Once again, I wish to thank NewGenSalsa contributor Frankie Gee for turning me on to this hot Latin Jazz CD.

Miquel Mambo’s The Soul of Mambo: Passiones Del Ama can be purchased here.