Review: Amaryllis “No Me Doy Por Vencida”

Here we have the title track from Puerto Rican Salsera Amaryllis’ latest album, No Me Doy Por Vencida. The Pennsylvania native is one of the few active female salsa singers trying to make their mark in a male dominated industry. After reading Amaryllis’ bio I have a better understanding of the meaning behind the title of her new disc.

Never one to let hateful comments and the negativity of others stand in her way, Amaryllis’ ultimate goal was always to sing. And sing she does! With a combination of fierce determination and talent, I see no reason why she won’t soon make her mark in this industry. So please take a listen to this new track and enjoy as I did.
Her new CD is scheduled to be released in September 2012, and will be available on popular online music retailer CD Baby.