Review: Asaph Orchestra “Dicen”

The Asaph Orchestra is an excellent christian salsa band from Hollywood Florida who have recently released a new CD “No Lo Dejes Para Manana” (Don’t Leave it For Tomorrow). The track we’re featuring is called “Dicen” and don’t let the fact that this is christian band fool you because these guys have a great deal of swing.

This is their Bio:

Founded in November of 2011 the Asaph Orchestra started out as a band dedicated to bring salsa music with a positive influence, yet still maintaining its danceable afrolatin rythmns to the communities of south Florida.

Founder and director Angel Torres born in Rochester, New york raised in Miami, Florida student of the north dade expressive arts center grew up in a household strongly influenced by music. Raised in an evangelical upbringing Angel started at the very young age of seven playing the guitar for local churches and events. At the age of fourteen Angel started his own local band playing christian top 40 hits at many christian events. In 2007 Angel restructures the band and a new band is formed called Grupo Vision and incorporates the ministry as Ministerio Vision. Now with his new formed band Angel desides to no longer play christian top 40 hits but to compose and arrange his own music and within 12 months was able to record there first cd called “El Sembrador”. Angel and Grupo Vision continue working for four and a half years donating there proceeds and time to several christian organizations and rehabilitation centers influencing many lives of young men and women helping them stay off the streets and to say no to drugs.

November 2011 Angel Torres receives a phone call from long time friend Gamirey a well known musician and arranger for many,many latin artists such as Tito Puente JR, Celia Cruz, Gilberto Santarosa, Victor Manuel , Marlow Rosado y la riqueña, Lefty Perez, Bobby Rosario and many many more, in this phone call gamirey expresses his desire to join his talent and knowledge of the music industry to the ministry with the main focus to bring to our communities a revolutionizing sound with lyrics that touch the hearts of all who hear them and with songs that talk about everyday life situations. Gamirey is now presently musical director for the Asaph Orchestra and is one of the strong pillars of the band and ministry, you can expect many great things to come from this band in the very near future remember this name Orquesta Asaph the revolutionizing sound of christian salsa today.

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