Review: Boricua Legends “No Me Odies”

Salseros rejoice! The new Boricua Legends release Cadencia, Ricura y Sabor personifies what Salsa is all about. Renowned percussionist Pedro “Pocholo” Segundo, Leader of Boricua Legends, has released this project strictly “para el bailador”. With their newest production, the Boricua Legends pay tribute to the greats of the past with tunes such as “Orgullosa”, “Rompe Saraguey”, “Ritmo Alegre” and “Soy Boricua” to name a few.

The tracks featured on this disc are swinging, and the chemistry between bassist Ruben Rodriguez and pianist Gilberto “Pulpo” Colon Jr. is awesome! Legendary timbalero Endel Dueno, bongocero Pedro ”Pocholo” Segundo and conguero Eric Velez all show off their skills on the song “Soy Profesional”, and Gilberto Colon Jr. rips up the keyboards on the tracks “No me Odies” and “Somos Las Leyendas Boricuas”. Representing the Boricua Legends on vocals are veteran singers Jorge Maldonado, Osvaldo Roman, Luisito Ayala & Ray Bayona.

This album is a sure fire DJ Alert! I highly recommend this CD for all of those Salseros looking to dance it up, and honor the music of the past Salsa Legends with the current Boricua Legends. A must buy for all!

The Boricua Legend’s Cadencia, Ricura y Sabor can be purchased exclusively at El Barrio Music Center 1870 Lexington Avenue, New York,  NY 10029.

Song Titles:
1. Las Leyendas Boricuas Canta: Luisito Ayala
2. Soy Profesional Canta: Jorge Maldonado
3. Orgullosa Canta: Osvaldo Roman
4. No Me Odies Canta: Jorge Maldonado
5. La Humanidad Canta: Luisito Ayala
6. Soy Boricua Canta: Rey Bayona
7. Ritmo Alegre Canta: Luisito Ayala
8. No Quiero Llanto Canta: Jorge Maldonado
9. Rompe Saraguey Canta: Osvaldo Roman
10. Arrebatadora Canta: Rey Bayona

Musical Director, Congas, Bongo Y Maracas: Pedro (Pocholo) Segundo, Eric Veléz …Congas, Producer, Coro, Tenor Sax & Flute: Al Acosta, Trumpet & Coro: Hector Tito Rodríguez, Bass: Rubén Rodríguéz, Piano: Gilberto Colón Jr. (El Pulpo), Vocalists: Osvaldo Román, Jorge Maldonado, Luisito Ayala & Rey Bayona, Coro: Hector L. Aponte, Coro & Minor Percussion: Jorge Maldonado, Coro & Bongo: Edwin Goméz, Congas: Carlos Maldonado, Timbal: Endel Dueño (La Enciclopedia Del TIMBAL). Mixed by Mike Diaz, Pedro (Pocholo) Segundo, Gilberto Colón, Jr. (El Pulpo) & Al Acosta. A huge thank you for our camera man, editor y Graphic Artist: Reinaldo (Naldy) León.