Review: Carlos Jimenez Mambo Dulcet “Tomando Café”

Normally I have NewGenSalsa contributor Frankie Gee handle all the Latin Jazz reviews, but after listening to Carlos Jimenez’s Red Tailed Hawk I decided to make an exception to the rule.  I can honestly say that Carlos has produced one of the most enjoyable Latin Jazz CDs that I have heard in some time. From start to finish, the disc is jam-packed with an array of outstanding musical compositions that are sure to excite fans of the genre.

One song in particular that struck an emotional chord with me was  Carlos’ cover of the classic Ray Barreto track “Alma Con Alma”, a record that I fondly remember playing for my parents on their anniversary.  I really loved the arrangement on this song and how it seamlessly transitioned from bolero to mambo.  In addition to “Alma Con Alma”, I also enjoyed the Orquesta Aragon remake “Cachita”, which featured some nice solos by Carlos on flute, Lewis Khan on violin, and Edy Martinez on keys.

The highlight of the album for me was the song “Tomando Café”, which is an infectious number that does a fabulous job of fusing elements of Jazz and Mambo rhythms.  Carlos is unquestionably one talented young artist, and with the release of Red Tailed Hawk he certainly has gained my attention.  This project has all the makings of a modern-day Latin Jazz classic, and once you hear it for yourself I’m sure that you will agree.

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