Review: Carlos Rosario Ft. Chino Nuñez “Latino”

The moment you hear the single “Latino” by Carlos Rosario and Chino Nuñez, it will instantly become one of your favorite tracks. If you are of Latin descent, have happy feet, or are a true Salsero, “Latino” will get in your head and stay there.  The song has a strong social conscious and aims to convey a message of pride and unity by highlighting the racial diversity of Latino’s.  Best of all, the single has an infectious”I have to dance” swing that you will most surely appreciate.

This is one of those records that just gets better and better every time you listen to the lyrics or hit the dance floor! In my opinion, Chino Nuñez and Carlos Rosario have a definite hit on their hands.  It is my belief that Salseros around the world will soon be dancing to the tune of “Latino”. Que viva la Salsa!!

This is a must add to your Salsa collection.  Yo DJs ya tu sabes lo que hay!!!!

If you would like to buy the single “Latino” then click here.