Review: Diana Romero “Soy Lo Prohibido”

Wow! All the Salseras are popping up and I love it. Diana Santiago-Romero is another talented young woman with a powerful voice and we’re featuring her new single “Soy Lo Prohibido” a hot Salsa Romantica that features her unique vocal style which I’m sure everyone will enjoy as I have.

Diana was born in NYC and hails from the Boogie Down Bronx where she began singing Folkloric music (Musica Jibara) at a young age with her father’s band. She later got into Freestyle and finally gained her passion for Salsa.

I highly recommend this track and I would very like to hear your feedback on what you think of this NewGenSalsa artist.

Written by Roberto Cantoral and Arrangement by Roberto Navarro. Chorus (coro) by Julio Barreto.

Musicians: Roberto Navarro (Piano),Richard Bravo (Percussion) Abiud Troche(Bass), Julito Diaz (Trumpet), Ismael Vergara(Baritone Sax) and Jose Sibaja (Trumpet).

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  • OMG!!! Finally a real voice!!! awesome its been a while since we get a natural SONERA!!!  Good Luck lets bring back the nights of fania all-stars and real talent. Young lady I will pay to hear you sing:) God Bless!