Review: Edgard Nevarez Y La Tropica – “Quien”

I have the pleasure of introducing this Salsa legend Edgard Nevarez leader of La Tropica who has put together a smoking new CD entitled “Round Trip” on COMBO Records. The single I’m featuring is “Quien” which is a Salsa Romantica track which will be well received by all Salsa Romantica lovers. This is a song that will hit a nerve due to many individuals going through the same fate.

For those of you who don’t know or remember Edgard Nevarez y La Tropica. Let me just fill you in on what this Boricua has accomplished. First and foremost he graduated from Berklee College of Music in Boston, Mass. and thereafter became the first Puerto Rican to become a faculty member of the Berklee College of Music and a Music Professor who taught what else, Salsa Music.

His next move was putting together a Salsa Orchestra called La Tropica which included fellow Berklee alumni Tommy Villariny and several other friends. They became the most popular salsa orchestra in Boston and who can forget that awesome track called “La Cantaleta” which many have covered since it’s release.

Now let’s go back to this awesome production which features a new and very talented vocalist Orlando “Landy” Cabrera who Edgard said will be a talent to be reckoned with in the near future and I most definitely agree. Listen, don’t let the titles of the tracks fool you like it did me. I thought this was a Salsa Romantica CD. WRONG! This production has plenty of swing which will satisfy the dancer’s appetite to dance.

All arrangements were done by one of the following individuals: Tommy Villariny, Angel Torres and Carlos Torres and by Edgard Nevarez who is also the director. We also must acknowledge Ralph and Derek Cartagena of COMBO Records who had the vision to record this awesome band for us to enjoy and dance to.

This is one CD you must add to your Salsa Collection and DJs if you want your dance floors to be packed this is a must add to your arsenal.


Amarte A La Antigua

Cuando Te Casaras

El Frio


Canciones De Amor

Una Dulce Voz

Dos Amores

Se Me Va La Vida

La Tropica Viene A Alegrar


Edgard Nevaréz – trompetas, teclados & cantante, coro

Orlando “Landy” Cabrera – Cantante

Jerry Louis Rivas – Trombón, coro

Angel Torres “Pajay” – Piano

Edwin “Mulenze” Morales – Bajo

William “Kachiro” Thompson – Congas

Edwin Clemente – Timbales

Celso Clemente – Bongó

Bernie Pérez – Güiro

Juan Manuel Lebrón – Cantante Invitado

Henry Santiago – Coro

Efrain Salgado – Coro

You can purchase the CD here