Review: Grupo Arcano – Un Tipo Sala’o

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Grupo Arcano is a band I know for about 2 years and in speaking with George Velez (the leader of the group) awhile back he indicated that they were not being hired at certain venues because their music wasn’t hard enough. Well guess what this new project “From the Other Side of the East River” is definitely HARD with capital letters and without a doubt put together with the dancers and clubs in mind.

The first single “Tipo Sala’o” was added to the NewGenSalsa Top 60 Playlist as a “PICK HIT” and I’m sure it will be the first of many along with my favorite track “Rumba En Mi Barrio” from this awesome CD to be added to the playlist. George and the guys deserve kudos for putting together this project which contain songs we will enjoy for years to come.

Yo! DJs don’t fall asleep on this track and CD.

I highly recommend you pick up this CD when it drops in September and make sure to pick up their first single “Tipo Sala’o” at CD Baby. Here is the link