Review: Grupo Bakkan “Dejaria Todo”

Aloha NewGenSalsa peeps!

I hope you are enjoying your summer, at least what’s left of it. It has been a hot one in more ways than one, especially for salsa music. At NGS we have been busy keeping you informed of all the hot new releases of the year and so far…no disappointments. Grupo Bakkan has released a single promotional cover song “Dejaria Todo” made popular by the legendary Puerto Rican pop singer Chayanne and arranged it into a salsa version of the hit song with a twist of reggaeton featuring the singers of Grupo Bakkan and Francisco bay area rapper Trucho G.

Even though NGS is constantly introducing you to new music, Grupo Bakkan are no strangers to the salsa scene. In fact, the current group, which was formed in 1999, had many years of experience under different name…Tony Nieto y su Orquesta…based in San Francisco. The new name Grupo Bakkan was chosen after several trips to Colombia where the word means….”it’s time to party!”…. nuff said.

Dejaria Todo invites you to the dance floor right off the bat into the first few measures. But just when you think it’s “another salsa romantica cover” they blast into a reggaeton feel and it’s time to get yo’ groove on. I am sure this group brings it in a “live setting” with energy to spare. Until you get a chance to see them up close and personal pick up on this tune and earlier recordings of this high-energy group and it’s all “bakkan” after that….it’s time to party!