Review: Guisando Caliente “Señor Blues”

It’s no wonder that Coolantro by Guisando Caliente is the number one played CD on my playlist since I began broadcasting my Latin Jazz program.  Band leader Frankie Piñeiro (who also broadcasts a Latin Jazz Show from Sarasota, Florida, every other Thursday from 10 – 12 PM ET on has done a fabulous job of assembling a smooth sounding group of musicians that manage to make the Latin Jazz sound appealing to all musical tastes.

The combination of Kenny Drew Jr. on piano, Prof. Jeff Rupert on tenor sax, Mauricio J. Rodriguez on bass, John Jenkins (Co –Band Leader) on drums, and Frankie Piñeiro (Band Leader) on congas makes for a great collection of musicians who are able to take each composition and make it sound like their own.  It’s hard for me to choose a favorite track from this great CD, although Guisando Caliente’s version of “Señor Blues” has received the most plays on my playlist to date.

If this album is not in your Latin Jazz collection, then you must pick it up now!

Guidando Caliente’s CD Coolantro can be purchased here.

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