Review: Jaime Andres Y Su Grupo Batá “Descargando”

The word Descarga is defined in the English language as an outburst, discharge or explosion to put it simply.  It is also an apt description for the new single by Jaime Andres Y Su Grupo Batá, entitled “Descargando”.  Opening with a strong burst of music that carries on throughout the entire piece, this track is one high-octane tune!

The combination of Luis Felipe González and Ricardo Salgado on bass, Felipe Franco, Jeferson Arango, and Eddie Garcia on percussion, and Jaime Andres Gomez on piano is a recipe for success.  This tight-knit group of musicians from Colombia play with great chemistry, and make it sound as though there a singular instrument exploding  grooves into your ears!

Kudos to JD Productions for their work on this.  This is one HOT Latin Jazz track that you should definitely add to your collection!