Review: La 860 “Ritmo Sabroso”

I want to thank musician Richie Viruet for introducing me to this hot new band from Connecticut, called La 860.  After listening to their single “Ritmo Sabroso”, I definitely understand what they mean when they say “dedicado al bailador.”  This record is a bona fide dance floor burner that will have nightclubs sizzling whenever it’s played.

The group is currently hard at work on their new CD, and I for one am looking forward to listening to it as soon as it’s completed.  I highly recommend this track, and I suggest that all my fellow DJs check these cats out.  Very hot!!!!

Buy La 860’s “Ritmo Sabroso” here.

Contact Info:

Mr. Nelson Bello
(860) 778-8140

Mr. Jesse “Timbalon” Perez