Review: Los Hacheros “Papote’s Guajira”

Los Hacheros is a group which consists of six excellent musicians who got together to put together a GEM of a recording which takes you back to the Golden Era of Salsa and when you put this CD on your system it will feel as though the band is playing in your living room. Hector “Papote” Jimenez is at his best utilizing his vocal talents to the max. They also feature Eddie Venegas who rocks both the Violin and Trombone. And to complete the members of the group on bass William Ash, flute player and percussionist Itai Kriss, tresero Jacob Plasse, and Eddie Valentin on bongos. We are featuring “Papote’s Guajira” one of 9 awesome tracks.

This CD “Pilon” is a combination of Classic covers and a few originals which makes for a must have in your salsa collection.

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