Review: Maite Hontele “Charanga Pa’ Maite”

Ok we have a treat for you La Mona as Maite Hontele is known in the Salsa industry has a new track called “Charanga Pa’ Maite”. This single is not your typical violin driven Charanga. The arrangements call for her trumpet to be featured while keeping the Charanga sound. It breaks into a very danceable swing that will have all charanga lovers asking for more.

Maite was born in Utrecht, a city in the center of Holland and grew up listening to her father’s huge vinyl collection of Salsa and Cuban Music. She left her country to live in Colombia where she felt it would be the right place to pursue her dreams of having her own band and the opportunity of playing alongside the best musicians in the world. She has proven to be an excellent trumpet player who has built a strong following around the world and has received the respect of her peers as a formidable trumpet player in a male dominated industry.

I strongly recommend you pick up this track. I will provide where this song can be purchased at asap.

The following is a prior CD by Maite released on January 1, 2009
Llego la Mona – Tributo a la Musica Colombiana