Review: Manny Delpín “Entrégate”

Manny Delpin has provided us with his new Salsa Romantica single “Entregate”. Manny produces strong vocals along the lines of an “Alex D’Castro” & “Bobby Cruz” type style. The song is very danceable and the band sounds strong. More salsa romantic using the theme “give yourself again to our love”. The arrangement is well delivered by the band and the coro is solid. The lyrics were written by Ramiro Matos of “ Limi T 21” fame. Check it out.

Credits for Entrégate & Libreto de amor:
Arrangements, Piano, Keyboads,Mixing Engineer and Producer: Marcos Sánchez
Executive Producer: Denny Agosto
Composers: Entrégate – Angel Ramiro Matos (Limi T 21)
Libreto de amor – Norberto Vélez (NG-2)
All Percussion: Raúl Raulito Rosario
Trumpets: Jose Joseito Ruiz
Trombones: Jorgito Díaz & Juaco Cardona
Bass: Arturo Bermúdez
Background vocals: Gerardo Rivas & Norberto Vélez (NG-2)
Pregones for Entrégate written by Gilberto Santarosa
Mastering @ Wavem Studios by Eduardo ED Ramos
Recorded @ EMR Studios Santa Isabel, P.R.

This track can be purchsed at ITunes