Review: Ralph Irizarry y Los Viejos De La Salsa “La Cima del Ritmo”

Ralph Irizarry is back with another masterful studio production, entitled Viejos Pero Sabrosos!  For his latest CD, the renowned Timbalero brought out his total musical arsenal, and together with the help of Los Viejos De La Salsa he was able to deliver a project that will rank as one of the best Salsa releases of the year.

On a mission to prove to the young bloods that they’re to be respected and not forgotten, Ralph and co. managed to produce an album full of Salsa Dura gems that dispel any notion of their musical demise.  The song arrangements on this disc are simply off the charts!

I highly recommend this CD to all Salseros, young and old.   If you are in search of a production that personifies Salsa Dura, then look no further.

Song titles:

La Cima del Ritmo
Fiestas de los Adultos
Los Viejios
Se Goza Con Mi Cha Cha Chá
Después de los 20
Reunión Celestial
Alma Llanera
Como el Vino
La Clave
Un Loco Con Una Moto
Pienso en ti
Al Tambor

Musicians include:

Nelson “Gazú” Jaime: Trumpet
Elias Lopes: Trumpet
Reynaldo Jorge: Trombone
Bobby Franceschini: Tenor Sax
Eric Chacón: Flute
Mike Eckroth: Piano
Ricky González: Piano
Edy Martínez: Piano
Rubén Rodríguez: Bass
José ‘Pepe’ Espinosa: Congas
Eddie Montalvo: Congas
Carlitos Soto: Bongo & Afro Venezuelan Cowbell
Ralph Irizarry: Leader, Timbal
Jorge Maldonado: Percussion
Yonathan Gavidia: Percussion
Lead Vocals: Marcial Isturiz, José Mangual Jr.
Chorus: Willie Ruiz, José ‘Pepito’ Gómez, Joseph ’Quique’ González, Eddie Rosado, Héctor ‘Papote’ Jiménez

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