Review: Ralph Irizarry Y Los Viejos De La Salsa “Los Viejos”

Viejos Pero Sabrosos is the title of this ass kicking production and there is no lie to the name of this off the hook masterpiece by Ralph Irizarry and his boys Los Viejos De La Salsa . I’m sure you young cats are well aware that you have been served by Los Viejos De La Salsa with their relentless Salsa Dura and they’re not ready to relinquish the baton to you.

The track I’m featuring is what else “Los Viejos” and like the lyrics in the beginning of the track state ”Este Es El Sabor, De Los Viejos De La Salsa, Aqua Pa’ Los Gallos” tremendo saoko mi gente.

If you haven’t picked up this CD yet. I seriously recommend you do. Hay que respetar Los Viejos De La Salsa.

This CD can be purchased at all your favorite CD outlets.