Review: Rick Davies Y Salsa Nortena “El Hombre De Panama”

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As we predicted here at NGS, the summer of 2012 has been filled with all kinds of new salsa releases that got plenty of airplay on the air waves, on dance floors or at weekend BBQ’s with many Latin music aficionados asking…who was that we just heard playing? One of the most unique releases so far this year has been “Salsa Nortena” by veteran trombonist Rick Davies featuring a unique blend of Salsa and Latin Jazz.

Davies is no stranger to those who follow salsa and Latin jazz. He has performed with many of the most recognizable names in both genres. Marketing a project that features 8 original compositions that satisfies both the salsa and Latin jazz pallet is no simple task. Simply put, Rick Davies and his musicians get you moving and grooving by masterfully blending a variety of rhythms into a very danceable mix of instrumental and vocal offerings.

The CD features vocalist Papo Ross on vocals and killer solos by master trumpeter Ray Vega. If you like Salsa and Latin jazz then this is a must have for your collection.
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Ray Cruz
Sabor Tropical
Hawaii Public Radio
Pacific Rim Contributor for New Gen Salsa