Review: Rumberos Del Callejón “Somos Rumberos Del Callejón”

With their new CD Construyendo, Venezuelan orquesta “Rumberos Del Callejon” have put together one ass-kicking production that features some of the best musicians from NYC to Puerto Rico.

Damn, do these guys swing with the best of them or what?  The track that I chose to feature, entitled “Somos Rumberos Del Callejón”, is a fiery single that was clearly arranged with the Salsa dancers in mind.

Don’t hesitate to add this non-stop dance floor banger to your music library.


Somos… Rumberos Del Callejon
Cuando Te Toque Llorar
Nena, Asi No Se Vale
Mi Religion
Un Amigo
Te Marchaste
La Mas Fea
Se Acabo El Silencio
Avisale A Mi Contrario
Te Hice Mujer
Medley Bolero
El Rumbero Que Mas Goza

This CD can be purchased at;;674