Review: Sonido Urbano “LARA LARA”

Salsa Urbana is starting to pop up everywhere in the world and all the young salseros are definitely supporting this energy filled Salsa in large numbers. We here at have featured many of these young new groups who are incorporating English Rap, Reggaeton and R&B with much success and hold on to your seats because it’s here to stay. Many of the old school Salseros hate it the same way they didn’t like the Boogaloo back in the late 60’s. But this is the evolution that Salsa needed to bring the youth back into the fold so you need to embrace it.

Sonido Urbano consists of three young men from Puerto Rico ALC, Luis Omar and Danny “Wolf” backed by a 13 piece Orchestra. These young cats are very much involved in the new Salsa Urbana movement which caters to the young and are ready to rock any venue with their big band sound. Their new single which I’m featuring “Lara Lara” starts off with a Caribbean Reggae flavor before breaking into a HOT traditional Salsa rhythm y con mucho swing.

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Sonido Urbano

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  • Me gusta el grupo Sonido Urbano por el creativo y refrescante aire juvenil que le imprimen a la Salsa de hoy… Les auguro un gran éxito, ya que tienen un repertorio variado y todo hecho con una alta calidad musical que de seguro deleitara a los bailadores y oyentes exigentes de todos los tiempos. Que viva la juventud Salsera!!!!!