Review: New Swing Sextet “Che Che”

Here we have veteran Salsa band the New Swing Sextet with the track “Che Che”, from their Grammy nominated album Back On The Streets.  These cats have been around for a long time, and over the years they have continually proven themselves to be one of the best bands in the industry.

The New Swing Sextet plays the type of music that Salsa dancers all around world love and appreciate.  With tight arrangements and catchy hooks, their music is what we call “Salsa con dulsura”.  I had the pleasure of seeing these guys perform at NYC’s Taj Lounge, and I definitely recommend that you check out their live show if you haven’t done so already.

While you wait on the band’s new release, make sure you go back and add their album Back On The Streets to your Salsa collection.  It’s a must have!

I want to give my buddy Angel Luis Justiniano a huge Brooklyn Big Up!

Buy the New Swing Sextet’s Back On The Streets here.

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