Review: The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra “Los Instructores”

The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra is another band from Connecticut that definitely got it going on. Their new single “Los Instructores” which is a tribute dedicated to all the dance instructors has all the ingredients that will make it a dance floor favorite with all the Salseros around the world.

This is another highly recommended track. A DJ must have without a doubt.

I will let you know where this track can be purchased soon.

Composer: Lino Iglesias de Pennsylvania
Arranged by: Willie Ruiz from N.Y.
Vocal: Sammy Rosa

Coro: William Mendoza y Carlos Oliveras
Special Invited musician: from Puerto Rico on Trombones Luis Gines…

Piano: Damian Curtis
Bajo: Maximo Rodriguez
Trompeta: Tony Sisson
Timbal: Edgar (Papo) Jimmy
Conga y Bongo Tony Gonzalez
Baritono: Adam Cal