Review: The Spanish Harlem Orchestra “Anniversary”

Spanish Harlem Orchestra
Anniversary – 2018

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra is back and better than ever!  Their latest album, Anniversary, delivers on all levels and is easily one of the best releases of the year. From the very moment that you play this album, you will be swaying uncontrollably to the swinging Afro/Cuban rhythms rooted in the Salsa/Mambo tradition. With tight arrangements and  superbly crafted compositions, producers Oscar Hernandez and Doug Beavers have set the bar for salsa releases in 2018.

With the release of Anniversary, band leader/pianist Oscar Hernandez and his extraordinary award-winning orchestra continue to add to their 15-year run of musical excellence.  Featuring 13 tracks with absolutely no fillers, Oscar and company are poised to add yet another Grammy award to their mantle.  Since I posted the band’s first single, “La Media Vuelta”; DJs and salsa lovers from around the globe have been eager to find out where they can pick up their copy.  The song that I have shared for your listening pleasure is track number 5 on the album, entitled, “Echa Pa’Lante”. To all my fellow salseros, this album is a must add to your musical library.  ¡Que viva la Salsa!

Purchase: Spanish Harlem Orchestra’s Anniversary

For NewGenSalsa: DJ Walter B Nice…AGUAAAA!

Album credits:
Oscar Hernandez (Piano/Leader), Marcos Bermudez (Lead Vocal/Chorus), Carlos Castante (Lead Vocal/Chorus), Manuel “Maneco” Ruiz (Trumpet), Hector Colon (Trumpet), Doug Beavers (Trombone), Noah Bless (Trombone), Mitch Frohman (Baratone Sax/Flute), Luisito Quintero (Timbales), George Delgado (Congas), George Gonzalez (Bongos/Maracas/Guiro), Herardo “Jerry” Madera (Bass) and new comer with a great deal of talent Vocalist Jeremy Bosch.

Track List:

1. Esa Nena
(Marco Bermudez / George Delgado)

2. Yo Te Prometo
(Gil Lopez / Marco Bermudez)

3. Dime Tu
(Carlos Castante)

4. Goza El Ritmo
(Oscar Hernandez)

5. Echa Pa’Lante
(Gil Lopez / Marco Bermudez

6. Guaracha Y Bembe
(Cheo Feliciano)

7. Y Deja
(Ruben Blades)

8. La Media Vuelta
(Jose Alfredo Jimenez)

9. Canción Para Ti
(Oscar Hernandez)

10. Como Te Quise
(Carlos Castante)

11. Tres Palabras
(Osvaldo Farrês)

12. Somos Uno (Feat. Randy Brecker)
(Oscar Hernandez)

13. Soy El Tambor
(Jeremy Bosch)