Review: Doug Beavers “The Art of the Arrangement (El Arte Del Arreglo)

Art of the Arrangement (El Arte Del Arreglo)
Doug Beavers
Latin Jazz/Salsa

This new production by Doug Beavers is totally off the charts and for me it’s an absolute pleasure to write this review. Doug made it a point to ensure that everything about this project was well thought out to ensure a Wow factor from the moment you bought the CD and started reading the credits you knew this was something very special.

Let me get into the meat of this project by mentioning all who took part in the arrangements of this Masterpiece:

Doug Beavers
Ray Santos
Oscar Hernandez
Marty Sheller
Jose Madera
Angel Fernandez
Gonzalo Grau

This is a quote of the definition of “Arrangement” – A musical reconceptualization of previously composed work. It may differ from the original work by means of harmonization, melodic paraphrasing, orchestration, or development of the formal structure.

Without a doubt these seven gentlemen captured everything within this definition and together with these crème of the crème musicians and vocalists have spiraled this production to Big Time Grammy consideration. Doug Beavers te la comiste Papa.

To all my fellow DJs around the world this is a must add to your arsenal. And to all you Salsa and Latin Jazz lovers. I highly recommend that you purchase and add this Gem to your Salsa /Latin Jazz collection.

I have added the first single released “Truquito” for your listening pleasure.


Todd Bashore, Alto & Soprano
Ivan Renta, Tenor & Soprano
Mitch Frohman, Baratone
David De Jesus, Alto

Raul Agraz, Hector Colon, Frank David Greene, Pete Nater, John Walsh, & Thomas Marriott

Doug Beavers, Ray David Alejandre, Max Siegel (Bass) & Beserat Tafesse
French Horns:
Eric C. Davis, Justin Mullens

Max Siegel

Piano & Keyboards
Oscar Hernandez, Yeissonn Villamar & Zaccai Curtis

Luques Curtis, Jerry Madera & Maximo Rodriguez

Luisito Quintero, Timbales, Bongos
Camilo Medina, Timbales, Quinto, Batas, Bongos & Campana
George Delgado, Congas, Batas, Maracas & Guiro
Johnny “Dandy” Rodrigues, Bongos, Campana & Guiro
Jose Madera, Timbales
Roberto Quintero, Congas

Herman Olivera
Frankie Vazquez
Jeremy Bosch
Cita Rordiguez
Marco Bermudez
Carlos Cascante
Pedrito Martinez

Produced by Doug Beavers
Recorded March 8th and 9th, 2017
By Michael Marciano at Systems Two

This CD is available in all your favorite Internet Digital Download stores. Get your copy today.