Review: Perla Fina – Jerry Hernandez Y Orquesta Dee Jay (feat: Sammy Rosa on vocals)

It’s a pleasure to re-introduce an Orchestra that began in the 20th Century during the golden era of Salsa and here they are back in the 21st Century 40 plus years later introducing their Trombone inspired sound to a new generation of Salseros. Lead by master trombonist Jerry Hernandez one of the original band members who decided it was time to put Orquesta Dee Jay back together with a cast of new musicians and a mission to give the new generation of salseros a taste of what Salsa Dura is all about.

Jerry Hernandez, Sammy Rosa (Lead Vocals), Victor Santos (Pianist) and the rest of the band are all responsible for giving this classic which was originally done by Monquito new life and a new flavor which all true Salseros will love. It is sure to become a dance floor favorite. This is a DJ must have and highly recommended by me.

DJ Walter B Nice for

Jerry Hernandez y la Orquesta Dee Jay: Jerry Hernandez y la Orquesta Dee Jay (feat. Sammy Rosa)


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