Review: La Maxima 79 “Joseito”

La Maxima 79
“Joseito” 2016

I have great news for all the DJs, Dancers and Salsa lovers. The new Maxima 79 CD “Joseito” was released this past week and I’m happy to say you will not be disappointed. I must admit I didn’t think Fabrizio Zoro and Tony Velardi would be able to top their 2013 production “Regresando Al Guaguanco” which was a critically acclaimed CD. Well guess what, they have achieved what many thought could not happen. “Joseito” is another GEM.

These Cats from Italy have to be regarded as one of the best “New Swing Salsa” Dance Orchestras in the Salsa Dura scene. Trust me once you listen to their new CD you will agree. Beginning with their first HOT single released earlier this year “La Gripe”. By adding the guitar intro which was absolutely off the hook made every DJ want this track for their clubs and/or events. The dancers fell in love with “esta musica con tremendo swing”.

I have listened to this production several times and my ears are smiling, Excellent production…Bravo muchachos. I have provided a preview of their second single released entitled “Nunca Muere El Guaguanco” which will be their second hit of many to come from this awesome Production. I personally salute the entire band for their outstanding achievement on this new production.

A Big Time DJ Alert…A must have for your Arsenal….Aguaaaa!